A Comparative Review of Corporate Governance Practices within Banking Sector (Private, Public and Foreign Banks): An empirical review

Ayesha Tabassum


Banking sector contributes substantially towards the overall growth and development to economy within emerging countries like India, and therefore there is a need for healthy investment environment. Mismanagement within banks due to frauds have been reported in the part, therefore corporate governance has emerged as an important ideal and there is need to evaluate the level of enforcement of Corporate Governance practices. The study has therefore been undertaken to conduct comparative analysis of corporate governance practices between three types of banks; public, private and foreign banks (N=100) in India. This research aimed to determine the present corporate governance practices in respective banks. The findings of the study indicate that the role of ‘Board of Directors’ was important. Comparative analysis across the banks indicated that there is difference in corporate governance banks practices across the three sectors. The respondents across all the banks indicated that there was scope of further improvement.


Corporate governance, financial disclosure, Non-financial disclosure, Issues of code of conducts, Board of Directors.

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