A Bibliometric Analysis of International Journal of

Sapan Mahendrakumar Shah


Present paper presents a bibliometric analysis of 81 articles published in six volumes of ‘International Journal of Agriculture Sciences’ during 2009-2014. All contributions of research papers have been carefully examined to ascertain the year wise distribution of articles, authorship pattern, geographical distribution of contributions, country wise contribution, prolific contributors of articles, average number of references per article, form of documents referred to and age of references, etc. It has been found that majority of the articles published in ‘International Journal of Agriculture Sciences’ are an outcome of the collaborative research, the degree of collaboration is 0.8765 which  clearly indicates  the dominance of collaborative research upon individual contributions. Journals are the primary sources of references used for writing research papers/ articles. A list of most frequently referred journals has also been compiled to identify the core journals used by scientists for writing research papers/ articles.


Bibliometrics, authorship pattern, citation analysis, International Journal of Agriculture Science, agriculture science.

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