A Study of Self Concept and Empowerment of Adolescent Girls

Rachna Sharma


The present study was undertaken with a view to find out the relationship between Self Concept and Empowerment of Rural and Urban adolescent girls. The study adopted a Children Self Concept Scale in Hindi by Dr. S.P. Ahluwalia. This scale assesses the varied dimensions of self concept such as student’s behaviour, intellectual and school status, physical appearance and attributes, anxiety, popularity, happiness and satisfaction. Empowerment of Adolescent girls was measured by Empowerment scale by Dr. Devendra Singh Sisodia and Dr. Alpana Singh. A sample of 100 adolescent girls was taken from   village Dhawa, Jodhpur Rajasthan and Dwarka, New Delhi. Data collected was analyzed statistically using the t-test and coefficient of correlation techniques. Results revealed that the Self- Concept and Empowerment level of urban adolescent girls was higher than the rural adolescent girls. It was also found that the relationship between Self-Concept and Empowerment of adolescent girls was significant. Further the difference between the Self-Concept and Empowerment level of urban and rural adolescent girls was not significant.


Self- Concept, Empowerment, Adolescent Girls, Rural and urban Area

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