A Chronicle of Banner Art in Hyderabad

Priti Samyukta, Nirmala Biluka


Posters and Banner art had a significant role to play in etching the memory of several cherished films into the minds of the cine lovers.  This paper is a study of the popular art form and its practitioners who have been sent into oblivion due to forced circumstances, new technologies and changing times. Several studies have been conducted on film posters and banner art and their socio cultural relevance but they usually focus on Bollywood that was in the beginning Chennai based and later moved to Mumbai. Therefore the present paper tries to trace the history of banner art in other centers that developed later such as in Hyderabad in early 1970s-90s. A historic and biographic methodology is adopted to trace the art form through understanding the lives of few banner artists. It is based on conversations with two of the banner artists of yester years when art form was flourishing. However the art of making film posters and banners began much earlier perhaps in 1930s due to the Telugu film industry that was based in Madras. Many early posters can be found printed in vernacular magazines such as Bharati and Grihalaxmi. Several popular Hindi films were also distributed and shown in South India, especially in Hyderabad due to large number of urdu speaking natives under the Nizam rule before independence.

The paper tries to give an overview of the relevance of banner art in Hyderabad, the conditions in which the artists worked and the impending changes brought about due to technological interventions that eventually lead to its decline.


Banner Art, Film Posters, Popular Art, Film Publicity tools

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(Based on Interviews with Banner artists Latif and Ramesh.)


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