Vol 4, No 8 (2016)


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Factors influencing compliance to treatment regimen of Tuberculosis PDF
Dr .Shobha Doulat Gaikwad
Resettlement and Rehabilitation of Conflict Induced - Internally Displaced Persons: A Study of Rural Empowerment Programme in Assam PDF
L.T. Sasang Guite
Unsupervised and Supervised Classification of PolSAR Image Using Decomposition Techniques: An Analysis from L-Band SIR-C Data PDF
Mudassar Akhtar Shaikh, Prakash Waghji Khirade, Shafiyoddin Badruddin Sayyad
A review study of knowledge on HIV/AIDS prevention in dental practice in India PDF
Protein Profile Studies – Effect of Flavonoids and Glycosides from Caesalpinia Coriaria (JACQ) Willd as Bactericidal Compound. PDF
Anandhi Dhananvel, Praveen Kumar, Jagatheesh .
Circadian periodicity study of some important fungal spores over Jowar crop field at Jamkhed,Dist.Ahemednagar. PDF
S.M. Baraskar

Social Science & Humanities

Child Morbidity practices among the Gond tribe of Mandla District of Madhya Pradesh PDF
Shiv Kumar Singh
POPLUATION PROJECTION MODELS: A REVIEW 1960 - 2015 A 50-Year Review Journey of Population Projection Models PDF
Impact of information and communication technologies (ICT) on society PDF
E Chandiraleka
Ahamad Faosiy Ogunbado
A Bibliometric Profile of DESIDOC Journal of Library and Information Technology during 2015 PDF
Sushma H R
Impact of Cooperative Learning on Cohesiveness of Students of Different Personality Types PDF
deepa awasthi
Religion – The Strength Behind the Organizational Structure of Indus Valley Civilization PDF
sarah umer
Staff to Gun: Fulani Herdsmen in Nigeria PDF
Intellectual Property Right and Copyright in Digital Environment PDF
bikramaditya barman
Assessment of Rate and Consistency in Performance of Diadochokinetic Task in Children and Adults Using an Automated Assessment Protocol: A Preliminary Study PDF
Counterproductive Work Behaviour in Nigeria: Validity and Reliability Analysis of the Research Instrument PDF
Comparative study of Public and Private Banks in Housing Loan Sector PDF
Prabha Garg
Financial Performance Evaluation of Domestic Commercial Banks: An Empirical Study in Malaysia PDF
Hamid Mohsin Jadah, Noor Hashim Mohammed
Error Analysis: An Investigation into Errors in English Writings of Nepalese Undergraduates PDF
Gopal Pandey
A Novel Instrumentation System for Determination of Dielectric Constant of Some Polar Liquids Using IC P89c51RD2 Microcontroller PDF
Sandip Maruti Anpat
Women portrayal in media and expectations PDF
Mohammad Shameer
Breast Feeding Practices in A Tribal And Non-Tribal Community Of Kamrup District Of Assam, India PDF
Pahari Gogoi, Bapukan Choudhury
Integration of geospatial technology and sustainable indicators in monitoring environmental resources: Special emphasis on forest environment PDF
L.Prasanna Kumar
Creeds of Good Governance & the Constitution of Pakistan Federation Baseball PDF
Abbas Jaffar
Violence against Indian Women: An Inquiry into Social Reality from Human Rights Perspective PDF
sudhangsu sekhar datta
The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility On Company Performance Using the Partial Least Squares Approach PDF
Saed Adnan Mustafa
The Role of Positive and Negative Reinforcement in Motivating Student Learning PDF
Faiza Abid Ali Gill
Child Health seeking behavior among the Gond tribe of Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh PDF
Shiv Kumar Singh
The Concept Of State – Application And Analysis Of Various Theories PDF
Priyanka Sunjay
What is Queer Theory? PDF
surbhi saraswat
Challenges, Opportunities and Prospect of Open Source Software in Libraries PDF
Pangal Zuber Abdul Majeed, V.S. ` Mugade
The Place of Prafulla Mohanti among the Other Indians Writers In English PDF
Manoranjan Behura
A Study of Modernization and Related Values among Muslim Girls PDF
Mehmood Ali
Moderating Role of Environmental Turbulence on the Relationship between Innovative Practice, Mentoring, Social Capital and Small Business Performance PDF
Muzaffar Hussain Shah, Abdul Rahim B Othman, Mohd Najib bin Mansor
Determinants of small business Performance in Punjab Pakistan: A Pilot Study PDF
Muzaffar Hussain Shah, Abdul Rahim bin Othman, Mohd Najib bin Mansor
Comparison of Emotional Intelligence among Beginner Soccer players and Advance soccer players PDF
biswajit sardar

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