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The Bodos belong to the Indo-Mongoloid family of Tibeto-Burman stock of the Assam-Burmese group. Since time immemorial, the Bodos, the aboriginal inhabitant of Assam are following Bathou religion which is solely composed of five elements viz. Sun, Earth, Air, Water and Sky. Bathouism is a form of forefather worship called ‘Bwrai Bathou” or “Obonglaoree” (The Supreme God).  Bwrai Bathou i.e. God is the source of all power, all strength, all energy and all vitality-physical, mental and spiritual. All greatness is his greatness, all glory is his glory, all goodness his goodness. He is the life of the living, the sentiency of sentient. It is his light that illuminates the mind enriches the heart. Bathouism is based on five moral and spiritual messages, namely (i) messages on holy realization, (ii) messages on holy practice (iii) messages on love (iv) messages on truth and (v) messages on hatred. ABRU has begun reviving and reforming their traditional Bathou religion.


Bodos, Religion, Bathou, Bathouism, ABRU

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