Crossing the Patriarchal Threshold in Indian Poetry by Women Writers

Amita Raj Gargey


In the dominating patriarchal power structure, the very act of writing poetry by women is an act of deconstruction of that patriarchal system to move towards emancipation.  A significant development in Indian English poetry has been the emergence of woman poets. Recurring themes in many women writers are: rebellion and protest against male oppression, sex-role stereo typing, experiences singular to women and the consequent evolution of feminine consciousness.  Their poetry surveys the crossing of the patriarchal threshold and the vast mass of chaos prevailing in the present day society. These modern poets are quite candid in articulating their sensual cravings and sexual experience; women are boldly vocal and confessional about crossing the threshold of patriarchy and sex. She must challenge the oppressive structure of patriarchal society.


Indian English Poetry, Women Writers

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