A Pilot Study of Goghrita Aschyotana in Computer Vision Syndrome

Santosh Shivaji Mulik


With the advent of computer user confront new challenges both at their work places and school systems. By working for long hours using a computer, a compilation of vision and ophthalmic symptoms may develop. These have been collectively called as Computer Vision Syndrome(CVS). Previous studies have estimated that the prevalence of  CVS ranges between 64 and 90% among computer users(Hayes et al.,2007).It has been  estimated that nearly 60 million people suffer from CVS globally and about one million new cases occur each year (sen and Richardson,2007). Artificial tear drops and AR coating glasses have their own limitations and so no satisfactory treatment is available for Computer Vision Syndrome. Computer vision syndrome has no direct reference in Ayurvedic Classics. It can be correlated to symptoms of Shushkaakshipak of Sarvagata Netravyadhi.Acharya Vagbhata has advocated Sheeta,Snigdha and Santarpana Chikitsa in light, electric and heat exposure ocular conditions.As per Ayurvedic classics,Goghrita  has properties as  Snigdha , Guru , oiliness ,Mrudu & thus pacifying the Pitta and Vatadosha.It also  has lubricating property. In this pilot study, I tried to see the effect of Goghruta Aschyotan,Anti reflection coating glasses and  Moisol eye drops on Computer Vision Syndrome.The study was carried out on 6 patients for 120 days. This study shows that in dryness,burning sensation,redness and itching in eyes Goghruta aschyotan is more effective than Moisol eye drop and ARC glasses.In Hedache Goghruta aschyotan is not  more effective than Moisol eye drop and ARC glasses.During subjective observation it is observed that in TFBUT and Schirmer’s test there is no significant difference found in Goghruta aschyotan , Moisol eye drop and ARC glasses. As sample size in this pilot study is small, further study is necessary.


Computer Vision Syndrome, Shushkaakshipak, Goghruta, Aschyotan, Antireflection coating glasses, Moisol eye drop,

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