Daffodil International University: A Study on Master Plan Projection

Mostafa Kamal, Al Safayat


Daffodil International University (DIU) is on its way to be the number one ranked university of Bangladesh by providing quality education and making leader for the future. As a top ranked university of Bangladesh, the quality and the IT based education system has created the university as a model of excellence for other universities of Bangladesh. Arrangement of different faculties, innovative programs under different departments, strong administration members, etc. has made Daffodil International University as unique one. By keeping its uniqueness, DIU is going to build the number one Permanent Campus of a private university with all modern and latest educational facilities and the work of the Permanent Campus at Ashulia was started on 10th February, 2011. The Permanent Campus project is in progress and will be implemented in four phases and it will have individual faculty and administrative infrastructure, residential hall, library, cafeteria, TSC, auditorium, playground, swimming pool, gymnasium, departmental faculties, and ICT center. This study is designed to describe the establishment and the authentic growth of DIU main campus, in details, to demonstrate the future plan of this university as a guideline for future development of a university Master Plan and it covers the entire activities done by DIU and future planning for completing the Permanent Campus at Ashulia.


Daffodil International University, Permanent Campus, Master Plan, Ashulia.

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