Librarians Attitudes in Information Works Services towards Library Clienteles in Nigerian Academic Libraries

Adeyemi Stephen Bello




For library to be successful in all ramifications of their practices right attitude of librarians can never be overemphasized. The purpose of the study is to know the state of librarians’ attitudes in information works services towards library clienteles in Federal and State Universities and Polytechnics academic libraries in Kogi State, Nigeria. Descriptive survey design was adopted for the study. Questionnaire and interview were used as instrument for data collection. Total of 160 copies of questionnaire were used for the study. The questionnaire consists of Table 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5. They were designed based on the objectives of the study. Simple percentage were used to analyzed data collected in Table 1 & 2 were 50% and above were considered agree and below 50% were considered disagree. Results shows that degree students use the libraries understudy more, the clienteles that use the libraries on daily basis are more and they use it purposely for reading. Criterion mean was used to analyze data gather with Table 3, 4, & 5 where ≥ 2.50 is considered significant and considerable responses; and < 2.50 is considered not significant and inconsiderable responses. It was discovered that librarians demonstrate poor attitude when rendering information worker services at entrance of the libraries, on consultancy services and as well as on security services. The challenges discovered in using the libraries are poor approach of librarians at the entrance, not find some information resources at their appropriate shelves in the libraries and not find some information resources needed in the libraries.  Recommendations were there provided.   


Librarians; Attitudes; Information work services; Library clienteles; Academic libraries; Kogi State; Nigeria.

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