A study of Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Store Loyalty of Customers of Organized Retail Stores

Dattajirao Y. Patil


A satisfied customer is the least expensive and most effective advertiser of a product or service. The retail stores are therefore emphasizing on this aspect of their service quality. Service Quality is the ultimate factor that affects customer satisfaction and hence makes customers loyal to a store by repeat visits and purchase. However apart from the service quality the store ambience and merchandizing too contribute in attracting the customers and has their role in customer satisfaction. The present paper focuses on the analysis of service quality provided by organized retail stores of Mumbai Metropolitan Region and customer satisfaction from the service provided by the retail stores. It also analyses whether service provided by stores are likely to make theme loyal towards the stores.  The study has been undertaken to find (i) the relationship between service quality of organized retail store and customer satisfaction and (ii) the relationship between customer satisfaction and store loyalty. The study is based on a sample of 858 customers drawn from the retail stores in Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Data were collected about the measurement of various dimensions of store service quality viz.; physical aspects, reliability, personal interaction, policy and problem solving with the help of Likert type scales. The study analyses the relationship of store characteristics with customer satisfaction and then the relationship of customer satisfaction with store loyalty. It was found that store service quality has a significant correlation with customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction has a significant correlation with store loyalty.


Service quality, Customer satisfaction, Store loyalty, Organized retailing.

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