Literature on Screen: A Critical Study

Manoranjan Behura


The film adaptation of literary texts goes back to 1930s and it has already become a genre of literature in the twenty first century. It assumes a genre of literature because the literary texts are not exactly filmed but the script writers recreate them according to the audience’ acceptability and business motives. It has been already become a vast area of research. Now some universities in India provide the course as a specialized discipline in both UG and PG level. My article is designed to discuss how the literary texts are adapted into films maintain their originality though a lot is deleted and many things new are added.

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Dr Manoranjan Behura is a Lecturer in English, Mahanga Puspagiri College, Erakana, Cuttack, Odisha. Dr. Behura is writer, literary critic and columnist and has been awrded the Bagmi Biswanath Kar Award 2015 for his non-fictional writing.


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