Patterns of Internet Use with Indian Students from Aided and Unaided Colleges

Nina B Eduljee, Suchitra S Kumar


This empirical study examines internet usage and the kind of college attended (Aided, Unaided) with Indian students (n = 323).  A total of 107 students from an aided college and 216 from two unaided colleges in Mumbai completed surveys regarding technology ownership, computer confidence, internet knowledge and experience, internet access, purposes for using the internet, and barriers to internet usage.  The results indicated that 92.5% of aided students and 97.7% of unaided students were internet users.  More students from the unaided colleges owned laptop and desktop computers than students from the aided college.  For internet access, 79.4% of the aided students and 80.0% of the unaided students accessed the internet from their mobile phones.  Both students from the aided and unaided colleges used the internet most frequently at home.  The aided students used the internet most frequently for entertainment (57.0%), while as the unaided students used it for education (57.4%).  Both groups of students used the internet very frequently to chat with friends, for social networking, email, and to obtain general information.  For the aided students, the biggest barriers to using the internet were a lack of time (42.0%) and cost of using (41.1%) and for unaided students were a lack of time (65.7%) and lack of internet at home (19.9%).  Implications of the results are discussed. 


College students; internet usage; Aided College; Unaided College; India

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