“Effect of circuit weight training on performance fitness related variables among lakshadweep inter island men badminton players”



People all over the world are becoming more and more healthy conscious, the priority has been shifting from everything else to the fact that the most important thing in life, is to keep oneself in shape and fit, to enjoy things in life. Sports are timeless activities; ones that human have enjoyed since at least ancient times, as exemplified by the Greek Olympic Games. Indeed, ethnographic and archaeological evidence such as cave paintings and the accounts of early European explorers indicate sports may well go back to the very beginning of humankind. The physical education profession is entering one of the most exciting and dynamic eras of history. The purpose of this study was to find out the effect of circuit weight training on performance related variables among Lakshadweep inter island men badminton players. To achieve this purpose the investigator has selected thirty (N=30) Badminton players from Lakshadweep. They had represented their Island in Inter Island competition. The age of the subjects ranged from eighteen to thirty years and they were equally divided in to two groups; control group and Experimental group. The selected variables Leg strength and speed were measured before and after the training by using the tests 50 Meters dash and Isometric Leg Strength Test. The data were analyzed by the statistical technique covariance (ANCOVA) test to determine the difference between initial and final means for experimental and control groups. The level of significance was chosen at 0.05 levels, for all the variables. In the experimental group, significant differences were seen in all the performance fitness variables while in the case of control group there were no significant changes in any of the performance fitness variables for the same period. Finally it was concluded that circuit weight training will be improve fitness and performance of Badminton players. 


Weight training, Badminton, Lakshadweep

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