Portrayal of Woman in Diaspora: A Study of Jhumpa Lahiri’s Fiction

manju devi



Woman has always been matter of concern in literature. Through various shades of life the authors try to present her true picture. Diasporic writings are no exception of it. Jhumpa Lahiri authentically depicts not only predicaments of immigrants in adopted land but also presents, though unconsciously, pitiable situation of diasporic woman. Through this paper, I attempt to analyze position of woman in diaspora. Her female characters are the worst sufferers. This paper throws light how woman suffers from identity loss in a land which is adopted by her husband? How she struggles to assimilate in a foreign land?  How she remembers her relatives and pines for her motherland’s meal and cling to Indian attire and tradition? Most of the female characters are housewives who always remain at home performing household works. Though they migrated in another country but their role is the same: to give birth, to sweep floor, to cook, to serve her husband and children. They are still subjugated, dependent neglected and silent sufferer.


  Keywords: Adopted land, identity loss, worst sufferer, subjugated, neglected.

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