Detection of Carbohydrates from Ipomoea carnea leaves

Vaishali B. Adsul


Natural products are used as traditional medicines from ancient times. They are having a great importance in Ayurveda.. One of the medicinal plant species is Ipomoea belongs to family convolvulaceae. Ipomoea species have very high medicinal value as reported in Ayurveda. Ipomoea carnea, commonly called as Mahananda in Marathi. Many industrialists of Chattisghara are using I. carnea along with Typha to treat polluted tanks. It was used as green manure crop in Chhattisgarh. Application of organic manure like I. carnea or its combination with urea was found to be superior to other green and organic manures. I. carnea has been used as folk medicine. Its ash is used for the treatment of skin diseases. The milky juice of this plant is used for the treatment of leucoderma. Therefore the analysis of carbohydrates of Ipomoea carnea  leaves has been carried out using the technique of paper chromatography. This data provided some promising results.


Ipomoea carnea, Arabinose, Rhamnose, Glucose, D-Galactose.

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