Consumer Behaviour in Four Wheeler Industry –A Case Study of Himachal Pradesh.



The term consumer behaviour is defined as the behaviour that consumer display in searching for, purchasing, using, evaluating and disposing of product, services and ideas that they expect will satisfy their needs. The study of consumer behaviour is the study of how individual make decisions to spend their available resources (money, time, and effort) on consumption-related items. It includes the study of what they buy, why they buy it, how they buy it, when they buy it, where they buy it, and how often they buy it. Consumer behaviour is the process whereby, individuals decide whether, what, when, where, how, and from whom to purchase goods and services. The automobile industry today is the most lucrative industry. Due to the increase in disposable income in both rural and urban sector and easy finance being provided by all the financial institutes, the passenger car sales have been significantly increased. In this research paper an attempt has been made to get answer the of some questions regarding brand preferences, brand loyalty, impact of price and quality on the market of four wheeler, consumer preferences regarding selection of dealer and mode of payment and impact of promotional activities, after sale services, mileage, resale value on the purchase decision of durable goods like four- wheeler.


Consumer Behaviour; Brand Preferences; Brand Loyalty; Promotional Activities; After Sales Services; Resale Value

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