A Study on the Facilities & Amenities Provided by the PMC

Laxman Rambhau Damse


The Pune Municipal Corporation’s boundaries were recently expanded by adding a few fringe villages to its area. Growth of industrialization around the Pune city, famine situation in the rural area, inadequate rain in the rural area, rapidly and vast building construction activity in and around the city and information technology parks, has given surety for skilled, unskilled, semi-skilled jobs which are available to the deserving people. Most of the immigrated families who could not afford formal housing satisfy their need for housing by occupying available vacant land illegally and solving their housing problem and contribute to the creation of slums. The government has taken many initiatives to clear and control the slums and its growth. Despite the efforts the slums are increasing and this is due to the migration of the people to the cities for different reasons. This research paper throws light on the reasons for migration as well as the facilities and amenities provided by the Pune municipal corporation to the slum dwellers. The primary data has been collected from 37 slum dwellers from sangamwadi ward and the collected data was analysed, interpreted and conclusions were arrived at.


Slum, Facilities, Amenities, PMC, Migration.

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