Problems of pronunciation in speaking English with reference thai students in Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya university



English has emerged as a virtual international language. Statistics show that 75 % of the world mail, faces and email use English. The majority of the internet is in English. 805 of the informationstored in computer worldwidearein English.More than 140 countries receive news reports from the American-based CNNand British – based BBC. English play a  dominant  role both as  a  first  and  also  as  a  second or  foreign language for  hundreds  of  millions of people around  the world .  here  in Thailand, especially, English  plays  a majors  role  as  possibly  the  most  important  foreign language.

The paper focusses on the problems of Thai students in speaking English with exact pronunciation. Thai students  face  certain  specific  problems, like  the  string  influence  of the mother tongue, lack  of opportunities  for  practicing  English, comparatively less  proficient teachers  in  English and lack  of information. The curriculum also needs tobe mademore learner-friendly. In fact, Thai education system is well planned andadequately supported by the Government. Language laboratories and other technological aids are availableon alarge scale despite, the required proficiency in English.


Pronunciation – speaking English – Thai students.

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