Diffusion model: Innovative idea to Laggards




Diffusion is the process in which a new thought is disseminated among various users. Consequently, the whole process of innovation proposal is separated into three sections. The earliest is the diffusion of innovation, knowledge and approval. Therefore, our work is grounded entirely on the operation of diffusion of innovation. In the first stage of the cognitive process of diffusion, there is increase in consumer knowledge of the merchandise. In the second stage, when the people become aware of the commodities, their curiosity increases. In the third level when customers adopt the product, there is segmentation of consumers. Thus, our subject is based on a model to explain the entire operation of innovation of new products and the stage when the product becomes unfashionable. .If any product carries out performance in less time it means diffusion is fast. If the product takes excessive time for the process means the diffusion is slow.

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