Problems of pronunciation in English consonant clusters with reference to Thai students in Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University



Pronunciation is recognised as a fundamental skills students should acquire. Many learner want to sound native-like, or at least more authentic (Brown, 1992). Most ELF teacher face problems with students’ pronunciation and want to find the answer to the question of how to help them improve their pronunciation successfully. Although English sounds are quite complicated, most of them are, somehow, universal, and therefore do not need to be taught. The important point is that teachers should find out which sounds cause difficulties and need to be taught There are many factors affecting students’ pronunciation. According to Celce-Murcia Ai (1996), some factors appearing to affect teaching pronunciation are students’ ages, length of exposure to the target language; the difference between L 1 and L2 pronunciation systems, types of prior pronunciation; the students’ attitude towards the target language and their motivation to achieve intelligible speech in the second language. Although some factors are hard to control e.g., students’ age, exposure to the target language and types of prior language pronunciation, the teacher should be aware of these factors in teaching pronunciation to each group of students.


Pronunciation – cluster – Thai students

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