Educational Facilities and education level in Tribal Area: A State Level Analysis of Madhya Pradesh



The present paper is an analysis of education facilities and education level in tribal areas in Madhya Pradesh. Literacy is a recent phenomenon among the tribals. Tribal populations still remain deprived of the elementary education at the primary level. Since illiteracy is prevalent among the majority of tribes, higher and professional education is distance dream for them to achieve. Despite the programme of Universalisation of Primary Education, which has been in effective operation since 1986, the literacy rate of STs in Madhya Pradesh remained as low as 50.6 per cent, while the general literacy rate reached 69.3 per cent in 2011. Further, the female literacy rate (41.5%) of STs in state stood much lower in comparison with general category. Tribal literacy rate varies from tribe to tribe and region to region.  Still there are areas in the tribal-dominated districts across state that remains largely unserved by primary education facilities. Literacy is necessary for any communities especially to tribals to improve their economy and living condition. Although progress has been made by Scheduled Tribes in terms of literacy, still more attention needed by the government official, politicians, think tankers and policy makers for the tribals in the state.


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