Agriculture-Human Development Linkage: A Case Study of Barak Valley Zone of Assam

shamintra ghosh



This paper aims to study linkage between agriculture and human development and evaluate sustainability indicators in the Barak Valley zone of Assam. The methodology used in this study was by collection of primary data and field observations. Samples for statistics were taken from heads of rural households in selected Agricultural Development Circles of three districts of Barak Valley. The sample consisted of 450 Households. The present paper analyses the agro-human development linkage of Barak Valley.

Each component of agricultural performance is analyzed with the help of factor indices. The factor indices assist to understand the actual scenario of agricultural situation of sample ADOs in Barak Valley. A number of indices have been constructed to address the objectives of the study which includes: (a) Agricultural Performance Index (API), (b) Human development by Quality of Life (c) Wealth Index, (d) Health Index, and (e) Education Index. All these indices have been constructed at the household level. Moreover, suitable statistical, regression techniques and econometric models will be used to analyze the relationship among concerned variables of the study.

Keywords: Agricultural Performance Index, Quality of Life Index & Sustainable Rural Development.




Keywords: Agricultural Performance Index, Quality of Life Index & Sustainable Rural Development

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