Multiculturalism and Ethnic Conflict: A theoretical Analysis

Shilo Lalhlanzo Parate


Ethnic conflict have caused massive human sufferings across space and time proving to be one of the most pernicious and devastating products of modern ethnic tensions. Theories of ethnic conflict rely on some combination which conceived ethnic conflict as a technology as it modifies the constraints and opportunities faced by individuals or putting it directly into certain preferences. For a proper understanding of the dynamics of different ethnic conflicts it is not enough simply to look at the degree of violence present, rather it is necessary to carefully analyse the different actors and factors that are at work in each conflict. Likewise multiculturalism has become an integral part of contemporary politics and even more, as resent contestation both in political theory and public discourse and multiculturalism has become the subject of divergent interpretations for very specific political and ideological battle ground with far reaching theoretical and political consequences. Ethnicity and multicultural competence can be identified and developed when human resource management functions on the behavior that has the most relevant successful performance by eliminating cultural difference.


Ethnicity, Multiculturalism, Diversity, Ethnic conflict, Violence

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