A Study on Job Satisfaction of Employees of Managerial Cadre in Kribhco

virang kishorchandra shukla


The Fertilizer sector plays a vital role in underpinning the economic development of country. It focuses on the relative importance of job satisfaction factors and their impacts on overall job satisfaction of employees. It investigates the impact of engineering work experience, age, sex, designation, types of work, length of service towards the job satisfaction. The result shows that salary, qualification, promotion policy, job securities are the most important factors contributing to the job satisfaction

 The overall job satisfaction of employees in KRIBHCO is at the positive level. KRIBHCO is selected because it is currently undergoing continued expansion. In order to achieve competitive advantages it is important for them to achieve management efficiency by increasing employee satisfaction in KRIBHCO. So this research was undertaken to investigate on the significance of factors such as working condition, job security, pay and promotion, qualification and job satisfaction, length of service and promotion policy, age and job security with managers in affecting job satisfaction. This paper presents a comprehensive diagnosis of job satisfaction indices of KRIBHCO business, factor causing dissatisfaction and suggestion to improve them.

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