A Critical review on Blepharitis and its Ayurvedic Approach

Gaurav Subhash Dhane


Blepharitis is one of the most common eye disorders,but in todays fast life,the condition often goes undiagnosed due to the fact that it can be perceived by the patient as being a nuisance rather than a legitimate medical concern.Blepharitis is an inflammatory disease of eyelid margin with multifactorial etiology.American optometric asossiation has concluded that if blepharitis left untreated it can cause more serious conditions such as scarring or injury to the eyes tissue or also lead to dry eye syndrome.Also,some cases of blepharitis may require more complex treatment plans,and even with the successful treatment, relapses may occur.Blepharitis can be correlated to symptoms of praklinna vartma of vartmagat netravyadhi.On critical analysis of symptoms of blepharitis,on Tridoshik Theory of Ayurved ,it seems to be a kaphaj vyadhi according to Acharya Sushrut.In treatment of blepharitis,Ayurved has much to offer with help of medications like local application of Triphala rasakriya varti,Apamarga rasakriya varti etc


Blepharitis,Praklinna vartma.

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