Dynamics of Spiritual Healing in the Society: A Sociological Analysis

Smita Chakraborty


The present article tries to articulate an in-depth understanding of the definitions and meanings of religion, spirituality and healing. The origin of religion is believed to be as the inner realization of mankind which is termed to be as spirituality. It is seen that spiritual healing of an individual can be achieved when one has proper faith and devotion to the religious practices. There are different religions in the world and each religion has their own course to provide spiritual healing to their followers. Though the development of bio-medicine led to the gradual decline of spiritual healing, but the article tries to shed light on the liaison between health and spiritual healing in the present century. There are different religions in the world that focuses on providing spiritual healing to its followers by their own unique practices which are indeed a subject of interest for the present as well as future scholars.

Keywords: Religion, Spirituality, Health, Healing.


Religion, Spirituality, Health, Healing

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