A Comparative Study on Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) of Selected Private Banks in India

Mahabub Basha Shaik



Banks are backbone to Indian economy. Banking sector role is very important to development of economy. The major function of any bank is to lend funds as loans different sectors like agriculture, Industry, SME’s, personnel and housing. We can find now a days banks have become cautious in extending advances, this is the reason to increasing NPA’s. When NPAs increasing, it’s directly affect profitability of the banks, why because have keep certain % as provision.  Non-performing asset is a key parameter in the analysis of financial stability of any bank. RBI had started various major steps to bring down of NPA’s but still its vain. We have made an attempt in this paper, to study the trend of Net profit & Net NPA of selected private banks in India. Relationship between Net profit and Net NPA of AXIS, YES, HDFC, ICICI, KOTAK MAHINDRA banks are positive. When Profits are increasing similarly NPA also increasing, it’s because of mismanagement of banks.


Key words: Economy, Industry, Advances, NPA, Profit.

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