Dimensions of Poverty, Unemployment and Inequality in India

Khudeja Khursheed


One very crucial factor hitting our entire economy is the gradual increase in magnitude of unemployment. The high rate of unemployment is one of the basic causes of growing unrest and social evil entire country productive employment is the only sustainable solution to progress in the country. Poverty, unemployment and inequality are co-related terms as one generates another one. It is an universal problem but poverty, unemployment and inequality exists more in Asian countries which is headed by India. Even after more than 60 years of independence the poverty gap between have and have nots has not shrunk much. The growth of population is explosive so there is unemployment.

India is marching faster towards the capitalist society so poverty, unemployment and inequality cycle is not broken.


Dimensions, poverty, unemployment, inequality, India, ILO, NREGA, PMPY, REGP, PMGY.

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