An exploratory study on management of demographic diversity of workforce in Indian IT companies

Shraddha Patil


With a remarkable advent in technology and growing emerging markets, extensive use of heterogeneous, cross-functional expertise to provide business solutions makes it critical for HR Managers to think of management of diversified workforce. (Gail Robinson etal, 1997).

Demographic diversity is considered from the perspective of age, sex, social class, geographic location etc. Researchers also conclude that management of diverse workforce should be looked as business investment and that HR managers need to analytically and strategically align polices aligned to business goals.

This research is focused on understanding the management of demographic workforce diversity from a HR perspective. The objective was to derive implications for modern HR while dealing with demographic workforce. An exploratory study was done on existing literature and based on it responses to a structured questionnaire were collected from 76 HR practitioners from IT companies in India. After statistical analysis some key implications for HR, classified as per functional area were derived.


Workforce;demographic diversity;IT companies

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