Muslim Contribution to History writing during the Medieval Times: (An Overview)

Samee Ullah Bhat


Islam is a revealed religion and its principles are universal and permanent. These guide and fashion life in all ages and times. Islamic History and Historiography is the science which informs us about our heritage, which makes us conscious of links with past; which makes aware of origin; and which provides us with a sense of direction for the future. The Qur’an played a great historical role in the historical consciousness of the Muslims and because of the historical consciousness of Muslims, historiography was approached by the Muslims with utmost care and sincerity.  The Muslims considered themselves to be the great custodians and transmitters of the knowledge and facts that could not be altered.  They produced a vast literature of history of considerable merit at a time when even among the civilized people there was not much flair for historiography.  Thus, it were the Muslims who gave new orientation to the historical thinking and writing with a greater depth and dimensions. The histories written by the Muslim historians were characterized by accuracy, scientific assembling of facts and their objective approach.  Islam has given a galaxy of historians to the world such as al-Tabari, Ibn Khaldun, Baladhuri, al-Masudi and Ibn Ishaq, they all have an everlasting and towering contribution in the development of Muslim historiography during the medieval times. The present paper highlights the very concept of History in Islam. It also highlights the history-consciousness of the Muslims by highlighting their contributions to the science of historiography.


Historiography, Muslim Historians and science of History.

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