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The Mohabala lake is principal fresh water body located within Bhadrawati tahsil in Chandrapur District of Maharashtra state. Mohabala lake is near about 25 Km North of Chandrapur and 125 Km South East from Nagpur. It is situated at about 211 m above the mean sea level. A study of rotifer was undertaken during 2013 to 2015, two year to assess the types of rotifer present in this water body.

This water body is utilized by local residents for cloth washing and open defecation. Siltation is also responsible for pollution of water. Rotifers are the connecting link between primary producers and consumers in aquatic ecosystems. Rotifers are residing in inland water bodies and their diversity refers to varieties of species within their community. During the present study 25 species of rotifers were found at all sampling sites of lake.


Mohabala lake, Rotifer, Diversity.

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