Economic Determinants of Maternal Health: An Evaluation of Dhubri, Assam

Gobinda Sarma


In developing countries, complications of pregnancy and childbirth are the leading causes of death among the women of reproductive age. According to WHO report 2015, every minute 830 women dies from complications of childbirth and almost 20% of the births in developing countries still take place without a medically skilled attendant to aid the mother. Undoubtedly, the ratio of childbirth without medically skilled attendant is decreasing, but the coverage of the health sector is lagging behind.

Although, the maternal health care is very much related to biological processes, the importance of the economic factors is no less significant. It is because if economic performance of the family is not good, we can’t think about good maternal health. Therefore, this article has made an attempt in determining economic factors which affects maternal health. In determining the importance of these factors, the author has also used statistical tools and softwares. Among the dependent economic factors of household income, education level, access to health facility and type of family, family income and access to health facility comes out to be the most significant explanatory variables. While the education level and family type has failed to influence the explained variable.  The article concludes with some suggestive measures for improving maternal health.


Economic Determinants, Maternal Health, Evaluation of Dhubri

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