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Bronchogenic cysts are solitary asymptomatic mediastinal masses which may present at any age1. They are genreally benign, congenital due to bronchopulmonary foregut malformation which can present as a mediastinal mass that tends to enlarge causing local compression2. Retroperitoneal localized bronchogenic cysts, as first reported by Miller et al in 1953, are very rare3.They are mostly located in the mediastinum or lung parenchyma and is result from separation of an aberrant bud from the tracheobronchial tree between the 26th and 40th days of intrauterine life4. After the occurance of complete separation of the primitive foregut , a cyst generally migrate to an atypical location, such as the skin or parasternal subcutaneous tissue, pericardium, abdominal cavity, or diaphragm. Symptoms are frequently nonspecific, although epigastric pain is the most common clinical presentation8.The exact etiology is still unknown. More common in males and Yemeni Jews.

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