DTPA- Extractable Micronutrient Status of Surface and Profile Soils from Mango Orchards in Kudal Tehsil of Sindhudurg District (MS)

S.S. Pawar, N.H. Khobragade, A.R. Bhosale, V.D. Kapse


Mango is an important fruit crop of economic importance in our country. However, the productivity of this cropis below world average. Alphonso mango grown in Konkan region has its special identity in the world because of its attractive colour, typical flavor, excellent taste and pleasant aroma.Nutritional constraints in soil could be one of the limiting factors for achieving the potential yield in this crop.Very little information is available regarding the status of available micronutrients in soils of mango orchards. Some recent studies have reported that zinc deficiency is the major concern among the various micronutrients in Kudal tehsil. The present investigation is therefore, undertaken to assess the DTPA extractable micronutrients (viz., Fe, Mn, Zn and Cu) status of surface and profile soils from mango orchards inKudal tehsil of Sindhudurg district (M.S.).

Twenty surface soil samples with 0 to 15 cm depth and eight profile soil samples (comprising two profile pits) with different depths of 0 to 15 cm, 15 to 30 cm, 30 to 45 cm and 45 to 60 cm were collected and analyzed for DTPA extractable micronutrients (viz., Fe, Mn, Zn and Cu). The status of available iron and manganese in surface soils are varied from 40.36 to 48.41 mg kg-1 with an average value of 44.86 mg kg-1 and 48.26 to 54.10 mg kg-1 with an average value of 50.79 mg kg-1, respectively.The content of available zinc in surface soils was ranged between 0.99 to 3.34 mg kg-1 with an average value of 1.68 mg kg-1. Whereas, available copper content in surface soils were in the range of 2.37 to 3.95 mg kg-1 with an average value of 3.24 mg kg-1.

The mean values of available Fe, Mn, Zn and Cu in profile soils of the Kudal tehsil are 38.59, 44.76, 1.17 and 2.61 mg kg-1, respectively. It is also observed that these micronutrients were showing declining distribution pattern with the depth of profile.


: Available micronutrients, Mango, Soils, Kudal, Sindhudurg

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