“Performance Appraisal Practices in 7 University Libraries in Gujarat State: A Study”

Dr.Devika Gopal Sinh Gohil


  • ABSTRACT: The purpose of this study was To assess overall Performance Appraisal  practice in 7 University Libraries

        For the present study of Performance appraisal Practice of University libraries the researcher has decided to     collect the information through the primary and secondary data.

       The researcher has used structured questionnaire to collect primary data related to the study. The secondary        data is collected from the published sources like annual report and websites of the selected sample                        University libraries.

        The data analysis was carried out with the help of statistical software “Microsoft office execel”

The present research ““Performance Appraisal Practices in 7 University Libraries in Gujarat State: A Study” “will become inspirable in the future for more research work. The attitude of the personnel can changed time to time so that research is necessary.

 It is required to collect the    information of the matters like quality,    remuneration, complaints, absence, accidents just to know the attitudes of personnel.

According to above information, personnel management can change them and can also give suggestions that how to lead their work performance.


Performance Appraisal, Librarian, Library Staff, University Library, Staff Appraisal

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