Activated carbon prepared from agro waste material cicer arietinum as effective adsorbents for removal of methylene blue from aqueous solution

Ashish Ajit Bhave


The aim of the dye adsorption study was to determine the optimum conditions for the removal of a cationic dye that is methylene blue. Activated carbons were prepared from agro waste material cicer arientinum. Carbons were prepared by , only carbonization C800, phosphoric acid treatment MIP, potassium hydroxide treatment MIK and commercial carbon COM1. Adsorption capacity of the prepared carbons was carried out and then compared with commercial carbon. Applicability of Langmuir and Freundlich isotherms was checked to deduce mechanism of adsorption. Adsorption isotherm parameters obtained from different models provide important information on the surface properties of the adsorbent and its affinity to the adsorbate.

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