Educating The Concept Of Human Rights And Duties: An Emerging Issue

Monika Khindri, Neetika Devi


Human rights are the legal rights protected by law. These are the fundamental rights, principals or norms. These are universal as they are applicable everywhere and every time regardless of nation, cast, creed, gender, language and location. Human rights also include freedom from torture, execution and unlawful imprisonment and these are governed by law or these are the rules which are imposed as an obligation on persons to respect the human rights of others. Rights play a very important role in the development and upgradation of society, it also helps to crystallize any legal action.

Human rights are followed by the concept of duties also, in a democratic country if a person or individual is concerned for the human rights then the individual should be well versed with its duties also. Duties are the obligations which should be fulfilled in order to maintain proper law and order and a free or liberal democratic environment in a country. This paper is an attempt to highlight the concept of human rights and duties. The aim of this paper is to discuss the relationship between rights and duties their education or awareness and their impact on the society.

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