Creeds of Good Governance & the Constitution of Pakistan Federation Baseball

Abbas Jaffar


Having won regional titles in Asian baseball events, Pakistan has occupied a respectable niche in Asian baseball. In order to raise Pakistan’s status in baseball, there is a need to help improve and promote baseball in Pakistan by contributing research on the status and quality of baseball in Pakistan. The current qualitative study is a step in this direction. Since formulation of constitution is an important component of systematic governance in sports, the current study undertakes qualitative document analysis (QDA) of the constitution of Pakistan Federation Baseball. This paper tries to explore constitutional provisions from the perspective of four dimensions of good governance: transparency, democratic process, checks & balances and solidarity.  The analysis begins with a focus on physical and textual aspects of constitution and then measures thematic contents of the document with the yardstick of the said four dimensions.  In-depth survey of the constitution reveals that there are issues of credibility due to structural inconsistencies in the text of the constitution. As far as constitutional provisions for good governance are concerned, PFB constitution makes provisions for democratic process, checks & balances and for the development of solidarity with the stakeholders.   However, it leaves questions unanswered and issues unaddressed with regard to transparency and public communication. The paper rounds off with recommendations for the refurbishment of the constitution.  


Baseball in Pakistan, Pakistan Federation Baseball, PFB Constitution, Good governance in sports, sports in Pakistan

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