A Novel Instrumentation System for Determination of Dielectric Constant of Some Polar Liquids Using IC P89c51RD2 Microcontroller

Sandip Maruti Anpat


The present paper describes a simple laboratory made experimental set up that determine dielectric constant of liquids. The measurement principle is based on the variation of capacitance of a cell with insertion of different liquids. The measurement of dielectric constant gives precious information to realize the physical and chemical properties of liquids. The designed system incorporates the dielectric cell, the frequency generator and the microcontroller. The sample solutions are selected such as Cyclohexane, Tri-ethylamine, Di-butyl ether, Tri-chloroethylene, Bromobenzene, Dichloromethane, 2-Methyl-2-Propanol, and Isopropyl alcohol. The designed system is practically reliable and accurate. 



Dielectric Constant, Microcontroller, Frequency Measurement.

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