Child Health seeking behavior among the Gond tribe of Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh

Shiv Kumar Singh


Background: To study among the Gond tribe of Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh to know opinion on health, health needs, and utilization of health care services. Health seeking behaviour is an important issue in health management, but unfortunately, it is not given proper importance by the policy makers for which the health care schemes are incapable to touch those people for whom the schemes have been introduced

Objective: To study the perception regarding child health care services provided by Government health posts and the felt need of the tribe.

Methods: an exploratory study involved 522 households for canvassing through semi-structured questionnaires on a perception regarding various health issues among two study blocks were obtained the availability of health related resources in the village.

Results: Minor issues are Gond tribe populations on health, health need and health care services are lack of infrastructures, inaccessibility to health institutions, ill-treated by government hospitals staff, acceptability and affordability are some of the main problems contributing to their utilization of health status.

Conclusion: The Gond tribe associated with strong social networks is identified as key determinants for common perception found in the study blocks of Bijadandi and Niwas. However, the inaccessibility to health care and reluctance to seek help for health issues remain not significant problem in Gond tribe areas. In considering priorities for health, some effort and resources are required to increase their awareness and change attitudes towards health issues.


Tribe, health care, health seeking behavior, Mandla district

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