Effect of Composition on Properties of Magnetoelectric Composites

Sukadeo Laxman Kadam


The particulate composite materials of ferrite – ferroelectric ceramics viz. nickel cobalt ferrite (i.e. Ni0.4Co0.6Fe2O4) and lead doped barium titanate (Ba0.7Pb0.3TiO3) were synthesized by the double sintering ceramic technique. The presence of constituent phases in the composites was confirmed by x-ray diffraction studies. The dc resistivity was measured as a function of temperature. It is concluded that the conduction in the present composites is due to small polarons. The relative dielectric constant measured as a function of applied frequency varies with the variation in the dc resistivity. It shows dispersion in the lower frequency range. The static magnetoelectric voltage coefficient was measured as a function of applied dc magnetic field. The variation in ME response has been explained in terms of content of ferrite phase, resistivity of composites and intensity of magnetic field. These composites may be useful as phase  shifters, magnetic sensors, modulators, transducers etc.


Resistivity, XRD, ME output, Dielectric.

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