Status of Selected Libraries of Indian Council of Medical Research Institute in Digital Era: A Survey

Aklesh Kumar


The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) is an autonomous body in India and responsible for the organization, coordination and advancement in the field of biomedical research. Present study highlight the status of ICT infrstructure ,Automation , servises ,Nature of resource sharing , reasons of resource sharing and status of housekeping operatios performed  in library.for the purpuse of this study author used the questionnaire ,observation and informal interviews for the collection of data and APA 6th edition style  used for refernce the analysis with help of simple calulations and reprent the result throug table and graphs.  On the basis of this study author found that most of the institue libraries conditions are good and provide all the servises in both mode automated and manuals.all the library professional aware about resourse sharing, ICT technology and latest servises. Overall selected institte library condision are good and fulfill  the requirment of the library users and objectives of the particular / parent borganisation.


Medical Library, Special Library, Reference service, ICMR Library, Automation, Resource sharing, consortia, Digital Era ,ICT .

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