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ABSTRACT: Good health, which acts as a key for any kind of development process, is a matter of prime concern to all. The health status of the people indirectly reflects the level of development of a country. In fact, health constitutes one of the most important factors determining smooth functioning of all facets of human life and activities. The status of health in a region is largely governed by the physical health infrastructure and the services provided to the people. The health infrastructure acts as the underlying base or foundation for health system, providing basic facilities and services needed for the better functioning of the society. 

      According to WHO statistics, India is lagging much behind many countries of the world (112th position) in health status (Annual Report, 2008). This is no less true in the case of Assam. India’s health infrastructure system is currently based on 1,47,068 Sub-Centres, 23,673 Primary Health Centres, 4,535 Community Health Centres and 1,579 District Hospitals/Sub-divisional Hospitals to serve around 1.21 billion population (As on March 2010). In the case of Assam, 4,592 Sub-Centres, 844 Primary Health Centres, 108 Community Health Centres and merely 22 District Hospitals serve about 31.2 million populations. This is indicative of the shortage of 471 Sub-Centres and 98 Community Health Centres in the state (RHS Bulletin, March 2008, M/O Health & F.W., GOI). It is with this background the present paper attempts to analyse the status of health infrastructure in Assam in both spatial and temporal contexts. The study is primarily based on secondary data obtained from Census of India, National Family Health Survey and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India. The data so obtained have been analysed and presented with meaningful statistical and cartographic techniques.


health infrastructure, sub-centre, primary health centre

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