Redefining the Concept of Foreigner: a Critical Analysis of Arun Joshi’s ‘the Foreigner’



 Human beings are wandering around the world to find out wherever they can settle freely and complacently. Hills, riverbanks, desserts were avoided to facilitate a complacent living. The majority of the human beings settled permanently in places of comfort and calmness. The next generation onwards developed a kind of home feeling to that place. Since the place achieved significant roles in their life, they had developed a strong feeling to the native place. That leads to a situation where the individual is emotionally tied up with the native place. Then after whenever we are move beyond the borders a kind of insecurity uncomfortable aspect haunts us. That sense of security and emotional bondage constitute the sense of home land. The home land is a blending of familiarity, coziness, comforts, luxury, togetherness, bonding, love, emotions, etc. No sort of strange feelings would creep in the life. Whenever we loss such a homeland a kind of uncertainty creeps in that finally create suffocation and turbulence in the mind.

             Majority of Diaspora writers stick their literary endeavors on this issue of home, homeland, belongingness, strangeness, foreigner, alienation, estrangement, identity crisis etc. such issues are limitless when the Indian English fiction is under the investigation.  Writers like V S Naipaul, Kiran Desai, Salman Rushdie, Amitav Ghosh, Arun Joshi etc focused on perceiving the different concepts like discrimination as a foreigner, alienation of individuals, feelings as outsider, problems of non natives etc. The suffocation and agitatation of the people who are away from their homeland is portrayed in Indian English fiction. Among them Arun Joshi is a veteran writer who lights his thoughts in the direction of the dormant identity crisis of foreigners in a host land and the difficulty to be belonged in any country is emphatically narrated in his fiction. In his novel The Foreigner he talks about the concept of foreigner in the present globalised world.  How the society perceives a foreigner and what was the inner feeling of the foreigner regarding his life in an alien land is represented in his novel. Here the endeavor is to analyze the conceptuality of homeland in the new technological era and how the present society redefines the conceptuality of home and the status of foreigner.


Foreigner, native, expatriate, indianness, rootlessness.

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