Problems of Teaching English in the Omani Colleges: Problems and Solutions

Mohammad Ahmad Al-Shallakh


The English language is an important subject to be taught in the Arab countries. Students in these countries suffer and face many problems in learning English as a second language in the colleges. The first problem related to the lack of interest and motivation for English learners. They are not motivated because they did not feel of the importance of learning the language in the school life. Another issue is the weak background for the language. Students did not learn English in a good way for many reasons. One of these reasons is related to the teachers in the schools who did not care about the students’ way of learning and their outcomes in this part.  This will be covered and solved in that period of learning by focusing on the teacher and choosing the suitable curricula.  Finally, the language basics are very important in learning any language in the world. So, students should learn these basics and practice the language as much as they can. These issues have been discussed in details in the main research paper.


Non-native, ESL, Parts of speech, Patterns, Curricula

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