Rajendra kumar Sharma


The current study aim was first, to examine early and late onset schizophrenia Performances on Verbal Adult Intelligence Scale (VAIS) and Wechsler Adult Performance Intelligence Scale (WAPIS – PR) subtest. Methods: The study was conducted at Ranchi Institute of Neuro- Psychiatry and Allied Sciences (RINPAS), Kanke, Ranchi. Based on purposive sampling method a group of forty male schizophrenic patients between the age range of 18 to 42 years were taken twenty patients were early onset schizophrenia (18 to 30 years) and twenty patients were of late onset of schizophrenia (31 to 42) years who were diagnosed according to the DCR, ICD – 10 were selected from different words of RINPAS. Similarly twenty normal controls were selected from different localities of Ranchi. Results: Significant result found on different domains. Between the schizophrenics groups the late onset schizophrenics performance better than early onset schizophrenics patient on both intellectual parameters. The performance of normal on controls group was better than schizophrenic groups.

Keywords: Early and late onset schizophrenia, executive function, verbal comprehension;

 1. Dr.Rajendra K Sharma, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, School of Planning and       Artitec, Madhya Pradesh,Ex-Head of Department and Faculty, Composite Regional Center-Bhopal

 2. Consultants Special Educator & Executive Director MANOVIKAS Rehabilitation-Cent


Early and late onset schizophrenia, executive function, verbal comprehension;

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