Prospects for Development of Ecotourism in Bodoland Territorial Area District

sonashree brahma, Dr. Prasanta Bhattacharaya


                      Ecotourism refers to tourism in which the local people are significant stakeholders and gives immense importance to conservation of the available tourism resources.  With the advancement of science and technology, the world has shrunk and simultaneously, the population has expanded like never before. More and more people are touring the world for leisure and other activities. This has put a huge pressure on the natural resources all over the world. Looking into this challenge, the world has come up with the concept of ecotourism In India also this concept of tourism is gaining momentum with industrially backward and rural areas, rich in natural resources like forests, wildlife and rivers, such as in the BTAD (Bodoland Territorial Area Districts), having much scope to attract the tourists. But these natural resources are very much exploited through activities like deforestation, habitat destruction and hunting of different endemic species. Also the nature inspired rich and vibrant culture has not yet been explored adequately. This paper attempts to throws light on the various issues related to ecotourism in the region by understanding the available resources, the perceptions of local people to involve them in the tourism development programs and the tourists by interacting with them.  The bottlenecks of the development of tourism here have also been chalked out to facilitate plans for ecotourism development with its effective execution to bring about all round development here with sustainability.




Ecotourism, Stakeholders, resources, conservation, sustainability, Bodoland, development.

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