Comparison between Electronic Resources Usage Pattern among University Libraries at Assam

Sucheta Bhattacharjee


The convergence of ICT has given rise to the evolution of several new jargons like paperless society, electronic resources, portal/gateway and global digital library. Now-a-days, the academic libraries are not only providing printed resources to their users rather they provide printed as well as electronic resources like e-journals, e-books and databases for fulfilling the day-to-day academic and research requirements of the library users as a result of which the user satisfaction level has been increasing. In 21st century, libraries are moving from print to e-resources either subscribing individually or through consortia. There has been paradigm shift in the collection development policies for acquiring printed as well as e-resources (both offline and on-line resources).

This study aims to examine the e-resource usage pattern among the library users in Assam State. Further, it also compares the preference of e-resources usages among university library users.


E-Resource, Usage Pattern, University Library, Library Users.

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