Practices of ICT based services in libraries of ODL institution: a study

Manisha Kakati


Open and Distance Learning (ODL) education system is getting popular and importance day by day as the scope and network spreads. The libraries belong to this institutions have been played a vital role regarding fulfillment of its very objective. Libraries are considered indispensable in every part of higher education. With the expansion of ICT, it has faced many challenges to deal with. ICT has changed the traditional concept of libraries and brought it into a new trend which benefited the distance learners a lot and helps them to achieve their goal. Applications of ICT especially introduction of web-based services in the libraries make the distance learning programmes more convenient, time saving as well as enjoyable. Proper and effective utilization of ICT in the libraries of open and distance learning institutions will build a meaningful and successful ODL system throughout the nation. This paper discusses about the various aspects of usage of ICT in the libraries and web-based services offered by the libraries to their user community belong to open and distance learning institutions (ODL) along with other services they provided, staff strength etc. Because effective library support to distance learners is mandatory for qualitative delivery of teaching and learning.


ODL system; ICT; RFID; Social networking

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